Alcohol minimum price welcomed in city

The government has announced plans for a minimum alcohol price
The government has announced plans for a minimum alcohol price

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THE announcement of a minimum price for alcohol has been welcomed by the Safer Portsmouth Partnership.

This morning the government revealed it will set a minimum alcohol price of 40p a unit in England – which it has been claimed could add £135 to the annual bill of a heavy drinker.

But a group which includes representatives from the police, NHS, fire service and Portsmouth City Council has said it will reduce the drinking that does the most harm.

The city council considered its own minimum price last year after figures showed Portsmouth has the third highest number of deaths among men linked to chronic liver disease in the south east – well above the national average.

Alan Knobel, substance misuse co-ordinator for the partnership, said: ‘Our view is that a minimum price is probably the most effective way to reduce alcohol consumption when it is at its most harmful.

‘Research has shown that people who drink high strength ciders and beers reduce their drinking when a minimum price is introduced.

‘It is a sensible measure and a good start in efforts to tackle alcohol abuse and liver disease.’