Allergies are topic of free workshop

SUPPORT Clare Hussein, right, with daughter Bikita
SUPPORT Clare Hussein, right, with daughter Bikita
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A MOTHER has spoken of how difficult it can be looking after her daughter who has eight allergies.

Clare Hussein, from Portsmouth, and 2-year old daughter Bikita, spoke out today in support of the the Anaphylaxis Campaign.

A free workshop orgainsed by the Anaphylaxis Campaign is taking place today in Southampton.

The workshop has been organised in conjunction with the allergy clinic at Southampton Children’s Hospital to give advice and support for families and young people affected by severe allergies.

Bikita is allergic to eight different things, including nuts, dairy, eggs, chickpeas and tomatoes.

Clare said: ‘It is very difficult. Shopping takes a long time as you have to read all the ingredients, even of products you have been buying for a long time as things change.

‘It’s very hard to ensure that she is getting everything she needs.’

Clare said that Bikita also has to take extra vitamins so that she stays healthy and doesn’t lose weight.

Research by the Anaphylaxis Campaign has shown that allergies of all kinds are on the increase. One in 50 children across the UK has nut allergy, with specific peanut allergy cases tripling in the last decade. Other severe allergies include egg, milk, kiwi, latex and insect stings.

A survey of over 500 severely allergic 15 to 25-year olds found that around a quarter of them did not feel confident in managing their condition.

The free workshop aims to explain allergies, the risks and how to manage them, while giving parents and young people confidence in managing the condition.

It also hopes to prepare parents for letting go and ensures teenagers understand the potential severity of their condition and the importance of emergency medication.

The workshop is part of a series run by the Anaphylaxis Campaign.

Lynne Regent, Chief Executive Officer of the Anaphylaxis Campaign said: ‘Severe, life threatening allergy is often underestimated or even completely ignored. We want to raise awareness of this issue and also let severe allergy patients know our tips and advice to enjoy events safely.’

The Anaphylaxis Campaign is the only UK wide charity to meet the needs of the growing numbers of people at risk from allergic reactions. It provides information and support relating to foods and other triggers.

Today’s workshop will be attended by various members of the team from the Southampton allergy clinic.

For more information or to book a place on the next workshop, which takes place in Guildford on Sunday, October 6, please call 01252 893859 or email