Allergy sufferers form group to help others

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TWO women whose lives have been affected by allergies have clubbed together to start a support group for those facing similar struggles.

Claire Hussain from Portsmouth and Harriet Moonsinghe from Southampton have set up a support group in Whiteley to help others affected by severe allergies.

The support group is run as part of the Anaphylaxis Campaign, a UK-wide charity supporting people with severe and life-threatening allergies.

Claire, who works at a children’s nursery, and Harriet, a student, met on Twitter through the campaign.

Harriet has suffered with allergies all her life and Claire is the mother to a four-year-old daughter who suffers from many allergies including dairy, peanuts, sesame and egg allergies.

Claire, 35, said: ‘We are starting the group to find other people who go through the same thing and let them know they’re not on their own. It’s a constant challenge that only people who go through it really understand.’

Food allergies are thought to affect around five to eight per cent children and up to four per cent of adults.

Meetings are held at Whiteley Community Centre in Gull Coppice. Search for ‘The Anaphylaxis Campaign’ on Facebook for more.