Ambulance service’s hot weather warning

Sun bathers gather at the Hot Walls, Old Portsmouth
Sun bathers gather at the Hot Walls, Old Portsmouth
Theresa Paddon with her two children, Lee, 18 months, and Darren, three, at their home in Leigh Park

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Ambulance staff have issued a hot weather warming as temperatures soar in the Portsmouth area.

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust is encouraging people to enjoy the sun safely and use ambulance services wisely.

Warmer temperatures over the last few days have highlighted the need to reduce the risk of dehydration and sunburn, particularly in young children and the elderly.

This can be done by avoiding long periods of time in the sun especially in the hottest part of the day around 11am to 3pm, wearing a hat, wide-spectrum high sun protection factor, drinking plenty of fluids and avoiding alcohol and caffeine.

In very hot weather, close the curtains in rooms that get a lot of sun.

During high temperatures it is important for the elderly to take extra care as the increase in temperature can exacerbate breathing conditions or difficulties.

South Central Ambulance Service is warning against jumping into water from bridges or piers under any circumstances as this can lead to serious injury.

It is ‘vitally important’ that people heed this advice and only attempt to swim in safe areas.