Ambulance trust fails to hit response times

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THE trust that provides ambulance cover for Hampshire has failed to reach its target for responding to life-threatening emergencies.

Latest figures from NHS England show South Central Ambulance Service (Scas) got to red category calls within eight minutes only 71.9 per cent of the time in November.

The government target is 75 per cent, however the national average was only 71.8 per cent.

But in September Scas was at 75.9 per cent.

Steve Taylor, manager for Hampshire Healthwatch, said: ‘We’ve had patient feedback telling us they have experienced long waiting times for ambulances to arrive.

‘This can have an impact on patients and cause distress, making everything more stressful.

‘We’ve been told one patient got a taxi in the end because the wait had become so long.

‘But it’s not a problem you can look at in isolation.

‘We know there’s problems for ambulances to get into A&E and are waiting to get patients in.

‘We need to look at the whole system and make improvements.’

As reported, Scas has been employing paramedics from across Europe in an attempt to fill 200 vacancies.