Anger over Purbrook woman’s hour-long wait for ambulance

Chris Campbell with his reply from Scas. Inset, his wife Christine  Picture: Allan Hutchings (143335-828)
Chris Campbell with his reply from Scas. Inset, his wife Christine Picture: Allan Hutchings (143335-828)

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A WOMAN who had suffered a brain haemorrhage was left waiting for more than an hour for an ambulance.

Christine Campbell started feeling sick, getting headaches and then collapsed in her home in Fielder Court, Stakes Road, Purbrook.

Christine Campbell

Christine Campbell

Despite the 64-year-old’s family making three 999 calls asking for an ambulance, it did not turn up until 80 minutes later.

And when her husband Chris, 63, a coach driver for the Ministry of Defence, complained to South Central Ambulance Service, which said it would respond in about 25 days from the incident on September 7, but by mid-November, he had not heard from them.

Mr Campbell, who was in hospital on the day his wife was taken ill, said: ‘The time in which the ambulance came was diabolical. For a life-threatening problem an ambulance should arrive in eight minutes, not more than an hour – that’s just absolutely ridiculous.

‘They didn’t even send a rapid-response vehicle.’

Mrs Campbell’s daughter Claire Simons and her husband Paul, made the 999 calls.

Neighbour Jean Bailey, 67, said she was parking and noticed the ambulance arrive. She said: ‘It wasn’t on blue lights and when they left they didn’t have their lights on.’

Mrs Campbell was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham where doctors discovered she had a brain haemorrhage and then she was taken to Southampton General Hospital, where she was operated on. She is now recovering in QA.

A Scas spokesman said: ‘We were called at 11.53am on September 7 to an address in Purbrook to a 999 call and we arrived on scene at 1.19pm.

‘We are in the process of carrying out an investigation and are therefore not able to comment further until this has been completed. We take our response to our patients very seriously and we’re already in contact with the patient and their family.’

The trust has apologised for a delay in the complaint being taken up.

The spokesman added: ‘We apologise our response to the family’s complaint has taken longer than the predicted 25 working days.

‘When complaints are received they are fully investigated and outcomes of each investigation are personally tailored to the patient to ensure we fully answer any questions they may have.

‘Some cases are more complex than others and it’s important we provide a thorough response to each person who raises a complaint or concern regarding our service.

‘Outcomes of investigations are shared with staff to ensure we learn from them and further action taken where it’s found this is required.’

Family says patient transport did not arrive

CHRISTINE Campbell’s ordeal continued after she was discharged from hospital.

The 64-year-old had been due to travel to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham via patient transport after the family’s GP said it would be arranged for her.

But on the day in question, her husband Chris ended up taking Christine to hospital for her check-up appointment after the South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust-run service failed to turn up on time. The reason for the failure has not been revealed.

Mr Campbell said: ‘The appointment was actually at 11am, but my doctor said 10.30am to ensure we got there in good time.

‘However when it got to 10.15am there was no sign of the service, so in the end I took my wife over to QA.

‘My neighbours said there was no sign of patient transport service even at 10.30am.’

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