Appeal for babies to take part in new study

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PARENTS are being asked to allow their babies to take part in a study into child development.

Professor Vasu Reddy, a child development expert and psychologist at the University of Portsmouth, is running the project.

She hopes to study babies aged between two to six months and determine at what age infants respond to gestures.

The study will involve putting babies on to a small sensor mat placed in a baby chair, which reads their body movements in response to various actions they are presented with.

Parents will remain with their baby throughout the study, which will last about half an hour per child.

The project is taking place until the end of March.

Any parent whose baby is or will be aged two months to six months between now and the end of next month, who is interested in participating or would like more information, is asked to email with contact details or telephone Professor Reddy on (023) 9284 6307.