Ashya King’s dad says getting his son stronger and making sure he’s happy is the goal

Ashya King with his mother Naghmeh.
Ashya King with his mother Naghmeh.
  • The six-year-old is due to start St Judes Church of England school
  • Dad Brett King says it’s good the family can get back to normal
  • Family hit national headlines after taking their son to Spain without telling medics in Southampton
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IT’S A proud moment for any parent – and the day will be even more emotional for the mum and dad of Ashya King.

The six-year-old, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year, is starting at St Jude’s Church of England School in St Nicholas Street, Old Portsmouth, where his siblings already go.

Starting school is a big step forward, getting him stronger physically and making sure he is happy are our immediate goals

Brett King, 52

This time last year the family had hit international headlines after they decided to take Ashya out of Southampton General Hospital, in order to go to Prague, so he could have proton beam therapy – without telling doctors.

It resulted in a manhunt, which saw parents Brett, 52, and Naghmeh, 46, arrested in Spain briefly, after they were found 48 hours after disappearing.

Ashya has since had the treatment and is now back in the UK.

Brett said: ‘We always hoped that Ashya would one day be able to return to school.

‘He likes school and it would be good for him to be in that sort of environment.

‘Ashya will be attending St Jude’s Church of England School. His two older brothers and younger sister attend.’

Reflecting on the past year, which has seen the family split their time between Prague and Spain, Brett said they are looking forward to getting back to normality.

‘We have passed this last year a bit stressed out, mainly because we constantly worry about Ashya’s health,’ he added. ‘Also we have been out of our home in Portsmouth and living abroad temporarily in Spain.

‘Things now are getting back to semi-normality.

‘We just take one day at a time, Ashya will progress at his own pace so it would be difficult to make exact plans and decisions.

‘Starting school is a big step forward, getting him stronger physically and making sure he is happy are our immediate goals.’

Ashya had a brain tumour, which surgeons in Southampton removed.

But his parents disputed the type of treatment that should follow and fled the country on August 28 last year.