Ashya King’s father tells of family’s torment

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Ashya King’s father today described the torment of being apart from his sick son.

At a press conference in Spain, Brett King described how he had listened in Soto del Real prison near Madrid to the sound of his wife Naghmeh weeping in despair as their five-year-old son lay in a hospital hundreds of miles away.

The couple at the press conference

The couple at the press conference

Mr King said: ‘Being locked up, you can’t do anything. You can’t help your wife, you can’t help your son.’

He said that when Spanish police had taken away Ashya, he had told them they did not know what he needed medically. ‘But they were not interested’ he said. ‘They just wanted to take him away from us.’

He added that he and his wife just wanted to get to their son in a Malaga hospital as soon as possible.

‘We can show love to him’ he said. ‘We just want to get our son through this bad time.’

The couple held a brief press conference in Seville following their release from prison.

It comes after the Crown Prosecution Service decided it was dropping the warrant issued for their arrest and will not take any further action.

Mr King began the press conference speaking in fluent Spanish. He told Sky News he and his wife were ‘treated like terrorists’ after their arrest.

He said he told Southampton General Hospital that the family were going to travel abroad so that Ashya could have proton beam therapy in a clinic in Prague.

Asked if he would do the same again, Mr King said: ‘Of course. My son’s worth everything - worth me going to prison, worth everything, because they were going to kill him in England or turn him into a vegetable.’

Mr King said at the press conference: ‘I just want to say thank you to David Cameron and to everyone who has helped to release us so we can spend time with Ashya.

‘When we were in prison, there was not a moment that went by where we were not hurting to see Ashya.

He added: ‘When you are locked up, you can’t do anything and I wanted to help my wife and children in everything.

‘You don’t have a future, (you think about) what is going to happen to Ashya without us.

‘You don’t know what is happening.

‘They (the police) arrested us and immediately they sent our son away.

‘He needs therapy on his legs and arms and you need to turn him from side to side.

‘When he was in hospital, he didn’t have any visitors.

‘Hopefully now that we can see our son we can be together and show love to him.

‘Without that there is no purpose to life.’

Before the press conference, the couple gave an interview to the BBC.

Naghmeh King said: ‘I’m very tired because I was with Ashya in the hospital in Southampton for six weeks. I was with him 24 hours a day. That’s because I’m his mother and I was very happy to do it.

‘But obviously when we left the hospital I couldn’t do it. I have been missing him for three days now and I really want to get back with him.’

Brett King said: ‘I’m still shaking. While I was away it was just the thought of my son - they didn’t allow anybody into the room so no one was moving his legs, no one was helping him in any way to improve so I was worrying about that all the time.

‘My heart was aching. The doctors said my heart was beating too fast when they examined me. It’s hurting my heart to think my son is without his parents.

‘I’m just missing my son so much. My heart is aching for my son. I have got to see my son’s face.’

Naghmeh added: ‘I want to wet his mouth because he can’t drink through his mouth. I want to brush his teeth. I want to turn him from side to side every 15-20 minutes because he can’t move.

‘I just want to do all those that I was doing in Southampton. I want to do it for him here.

‘All I was doing all the time was crying and praying. I wanted to be reunited with him again. What could I do from a prison cell apart from cry and pray?’