Ashya King’s parents say they feel persecuted

RECOVERY Ashya and his mother Naghmeh
RECOVERY Ashya and his mother Naghmeh
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The parents of a boy who had brain cancer have said they feel like criminals and are too scared to return to the UK after they took him abroad for treatment.

Brett and Naghmeh King, from Southsea, were the subject of an international manhunt in August when they took their boy Ashya from his Southampton hospital bed against doctors’ advice and headed to Prague for proton beam therapy.

Speaking to a Sunday newspaper, the parents said they would like to return to the UK but are fearful of what will happen after dad Brett was stopped at border control in Gatwick last month.

The family, including siblings Danny, 23, Naveed, 20, Sirus, 15, Yusha, nine, Matty, seven, and Sion, three, have been staying at their holiday home in Spain while Ashya has treatment.

Brett said: ‘It’s like we’re refugees.

‘We are not happy here, it’s not our home. Our home is in England.’

When Brett last returned to the UK to see his mum Patricia and to check on the family home he was stopped, had his passport seized and was quizzed in a holding area.

Grandmother Patricia, from Southsea, said this was proof that the family would face scrutiny from the author ties if they tried to return and that they fear that Ashya would be taken off them and forced to have chemotherapy.

Mrs King, 77, last night told The News Christmas had felt ‘empty’ without them and although she was pleased Ashya is doing well and can now talk, she would like to see them return and carry on their lives in 

Mrs King said: ‘They want to come home but they can’t because they have been threatened with chemotherapy.

‘They want to be at home in their home not stuck out there [in Spain].

‘It has been horrible without having the children here.

‘It has ruined my life as well as theirs.’