Authorities urge people to be ‘tick aware’

A warning has been issued about ticks. File picture of a tick
A warning has been issued about ticks. File picture of a tick
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A WARNING over the danger of tick bites has been released.

Hampshire County Council is stepping up its advice to residents to be ‘tick aware’ while enjoying time outside or working outdoors.

Ticks are found in moist areas of dense vegetation or long grass in woodland, grassland, moorland, heathland and some urban parks and gardens.

Dr Ruth Milton, director of public health in Hampshire, said: ‘Ticks can transmit bacteria that cause diseases, such as Lyme disease, which can lead to very serious conditions if left untreated.

‘Tick bites often go unnoticed, and the tick can remain feeding for several days before dropping off. The longer the tick is in place, the higher the risk of it passing on the infection.’

Advice includes keeping to footpaths and wearing trousers while out walking in the countryside.