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HEALTH bosses are reminding people to ensure their medicine cupboard is stocked up ahead of the bank holiday.

Patients are also being told to use alternatives to the accident and emergency department, if they are able to.

Minor injuries units across the area can help if people are feeling unwell or have a minor injury, such as stomach upsets, bites and stings, or sprains and strains.

Pharmacists can be called upon for healthcare advice, and help stock your medicine cupboard – including basics such as painkillers, a thermometer, plasters and dressings, and antiseptic.

People can also ring the NHS 111 line for medical advice and help 24 hours a day.

Temperatures are expected to be cooler this weekend, but people are being advised to stay safe.

If symptoms such as breathlessness, cramps, chest pain, confusion, weakness or dizziness get worse or don’t go away, seek medical help.

To find out more, visit porthosp.nhs.uk/patients-and-visitors/walk-in-centres.html.