Baby massage course starts in Titchfield

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PARENTS can learn about baby massage at a course in Fareham.

The National Childbirth Trust charity is expanding its range of post-natal activities for parents in Fareham and the surrounding areas, with the introduction of NCT Baby Massage classes.

Before babies are able to speak, or even respond to sounds and sights, they communicate with the world through touch.

Classes are suitable from eight weeks after birth, once the baby has had their six to eight-week check at the GP.

The course, taking place at Titchfield Community Centre on Friday mornings, runs over five sessions, with each lasting 75 minutes, starting in June.

Rowena Cherryman will be teaching the course.

Rowena said: ‘I thoroughly enjoyed baby massage with my children, as it was an opportunity for us both to relax together. I am looking forward to the course in June.’

To book call 020 8752 2487.