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Nikki Caputa is a health and fitness coach who works one-to-one with clients and runs her own fitness camps where she trains groups.

Have you had a case of the winter blues and, no matter how hard you tried, couldn’t seem to move off the sofa and get out and do some exercise?

Being snuggled up warm and cosy in your house just seems so much more appealing than being outside or going to the gym after work…..right?

Even as a fitness trainer, I feel like this at this time of year.

I confess that I have to constantly keep myself motivated to move!

I try to listen to my body so that I’m not in a situation where I really have to force myself to exercise.

As I’ve said before, instead of the gym, where you can sometimes feel like you have lost your way, why not put on your hat and scarf and go for a walk?

If the thought of going to your usual strenuous class just turns you off, then try some mobility exercises or doing some postural exercises instead.

Another good way to motivate yourself could be to set yourself a challenge for a few months’ time.

For example, I am putting together a team of people to join me on the Clarendon Way Walk in June.

This will be my third year in a row and it’s perfect timing because it makes me get out and walk more and motivates me.

I know I have to be fit and strong enough to take on the 26 miles.

There are so many different walks, cycle rides and runs out there so start looking and set yourself and your friends a challenge.

Sign up now and that gives you the incentive to start a new fitness regime.

If you look good then you feel good!

Why not go and hit the sales for a new pair of

trainers or some workout gear that you feel happy and comfortable in, especially if your old kit has seen better days.

If you wear something that feels and looks nice, you will be more inclined to put it

on and get moving.

Trainers are a great buy because your feet are never really an area that puts on too much weight.

Try to think about the summer.

It’s hard I know when the rain is pouring down, the wind is howling and the temperatures have fallen, but I have a few tips that just might help.

Think about the clothes that you want to be wearing when it’s warmer and

how you will feel wearing them.

Planning ahead like this will give you something to look forward to, especially

if you have a nice holiday booked.

And it will also give you that essential spark of inspiration to start eating more healthy choices and to get some more exercise.

Better still, if you can plan to go away somewhere warm in January or February, that will keep you motivated towards feeling happier with yourself in your new swimsuit.

And it’s also likely to stop you from overeating.

So in summary, beat the blues by eating healthy food, swap the uninspiring gym for walks in nature and do some meditation once a week.

Always remember to set yourself challenges that you know you can realistically achieve and then act upon those.

Another tip is to involve friends and family, who will also help to keep you motivated.

Finally try and get at least eight hours of sleep.

This is one of the most important things you can do for your health and wellbeing.

Prevent fatigue during the day, keep your daily energy levels up and you’ll be more likely to make the right food and exercise choices.

And always remember to look after yourselves.

· Nikki Caputa is a health and fitness coach who works one-to-one with clients and runs her own fitness camps where she trains groups. Known as FAB Body Bootcamps, two are based in Fareham and one is in Portsmouth.

Nikki is also an ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Visit and Follow Nikki on Twitter @nikkifitmum1