Bid to build new doctors’ surgery in Emsworth moves forward

Victoria Cottage Hospital''The empty Victoria Cottage Hospital could be demolished to make way for a new centre
Victoria Cottage Hospital''The empty Victoria Cottage Hospital could be demolished to make way for a new centre
  • Redevelopment of hospital site is discussed
  • NHS England say the new building will be for a doctors’ surgery only
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A BID to redevelop an old hospital site into modern healthcare facilities has moved a step closer.

Havant and Emsworth MP Alan Mak said a new ‘route map’ has finally been agreed on what needs to be done to redevelop the old Emsworth Victoria Cottage site, off North Street.

Emsworth Surgery has been looking to move to larger premises for more than a decade, but it has been an uphill battle.

A growing population has resulted in the surgery being vastly overstretched – with 13,000 people on the books for a surgery that was meant for 2,000 patients.

Mr Mak headed a meeting which brought together local GPs, three NHS bodies, and councillors from Havant and Hampshire councils.

After the meeting, he said: ‘I organised the meeting to bring everyone together to re-energise the move process. We agreed a new route map setting out what steps need to be taken to get a new surgery.

‘It will take time and there’s still much work to do, but we are now moving forward. This is very positive news.’

Mr Mak said the issue is complicated because a large number of organisations are involved, including three NHS bodies – NHS England, NHS Property Services and South Eastern Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group – as well as the current doctors’ surgery.

Detailed plans for the construction of the new surgery need to be drawn up and agreed by NHS bodies and local GPs.

NHS England have stipulated the new building will be for a new doctors’ surgery only, but some residents would like to see more community healthcare facilities there.

Dr Abu Chinwala, who represented the Emsworth Surgery’s doctors at the meeting, said: ‘We covered a lot of ground during Alan’s meeting, and the process is now moving forward.

‘We’re working hard with the NHS on our plans for a new surgery, and welcome the support we got from Alan and Emsworth’s local councillors.’

Emworth Cllr Brendan Gibb-Gray added: ‘Residents have waited patiently for a number of years for a new surgery as it’s clear the current building is not suitable for a growing patient list and we look forward to speedy decisions leading to a rebuild at the old hospital site.’