Big sister helps as mum gives birth in bathroom

LITTLE STAR Rachael Dennis with daughters Chloe and Emilia-May.  Picture: Sarah Standing (121609-2257)
LITTLE STAR Rachael Dennis with daughters Chloe and Emilia-May. Picture: Sarah Standing (121609-2257)
Katie Phillips from Drayton with her son Charlie     Picture Ian Hargreaves  (151958-5)

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BIG sister Chloe Dennis was on hand to help her mum as she gave birth to her daughter in the bathroom.

Rachael Dennis, 27, was heavily pregnant and overdue with her second child.

The nursery nurse said: ‘Emilia-May had been due in April, but she was showing no signs of coming.

‘I wasn’t surprised or bothered because Chloe had been late and everything was fine with her.’

But drama struck when late at night Rachael started feeling pains.

She began walking around her home in Rambler Drive, Gosport, to help ease them – but didn’t realise that Emilia-May was ready to say hello to the world.

‘I was walking around the house as lying down wasn’t putting me at ease,’ she said.

‘I was in the bathroom when my waters broke and then felt an urge to push.’

Emilia-May was born in the house, weighing 7lb 8oz.

‘I shouted for Chloe to come and help me, added Rachael. ‘And she was fantastic.’

Rachael’s eldest daughter Chloe, seven, had been sleeping when her mum called for her.

But unfazed with what was going on, Chloe sprang into action to help out.

She wrapped up her little sister in a blanket, phoned her grandma and packed an overnight bag for herself to stay at her uncle’s house.

Chloe said: ‘When I heard mummy shouting I was thinking that she didn’t feel very well and she was scared of something.

‘When I got up I saw my baby sister.

‘I held her and wrapped her in a blanket.

‘I’m happy I was the first person to see her and she looked cute.

‘I was a bit scared when my mum shouted, but afterwards it was fine.

‘I got some blankets and I called my nanny to let her know mum had had the baby.

‘I also helped the ambulance men get things and let them in.’

Rachael was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, where she was checked over.

She was kept in overnight, but was discharged from hospital the following day.

‘We decided to give her the middle name May because of the month she was born in,’ added Rachael.

‘Chloe has been so helpful since we’ve been back.

‘She gives her a big kiss each morning and as soon as she gets home from school she wants to know where her little sister is.’

Chloe goes to Gomer Junior School, Pyrford Close, in Gosport.

Her Year 3 teacher Caroline Ashworth said she was not surprised when she heard how Chloe had helped.

She said: ‘Chloe’s such a responsible and helpful little girl in the classroom.

‘I wasn’t surprised that she coped so well in the situation.

‘I’m very proud that she was able to get on with everything so well.

‘She has always been one of the most helpful pupils in the classroom and it’s crazy to think she’s so responsible for someone who’s only seven years old.’