Book’s claims over mad cow disease ‘cover-up’

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DETERMINED to expose why her son died from the human form of mad cow disease (vCJD), Christine Lord is launching a book detailing her findings.

As reported, Andrew Black, 24, died in 2007, after contracting the human strain of BSE.

Ms Lord, of Wilton Terrace in Southsea, has written the book, Who Killed My Son?

It will be formally launched on Monday in London. This year Andrew, a promising radio and TV producer, would have turned 30.

She said: ‘When Andrew was dying, he asked me to find out who did this to him.

‘It has been a five-year mission to write this book.

‘Many whistleblowers have come forward to tell me what they knew about vCJD then.

‘And I’ve had countless documents pushed through my door.’

The book goes into the research Ms Lord has collected over the years.

She has described the death of her son as ‘an unlawful killing,’ and said that many thousands more people could be unknowingly infected with variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD), caused by eating beef infected by bovine spongiform encephalopathy, (BSE).

The incubation period of the disease is unknown but could be up to 50 years in humans.

Ms Lord watched her formerly healthy son go blind, suffer dementia and became quadriplegic as a result of being infected with vCJD.

‘People that are vegetarian or didn’t eat beef thought they were safe.

‘But they weren’t.

‘There’s a lot of interest in this book, and I will be promoting it in Italy, Spain and Poland.

‘I’m looking for a criminal investigation into this.

‘The book is written simply, so people can understand what happened to my son.

‘I’m also starting a second book to find out what killed my son.’

Who Killed My Son? is available to download from

A paperback copy will be available shortly.

To find out more about Ms Lord’s campaign, visit website