Boy thanks doctors for saving his life

Lewis Smith
Lewis Smith
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A YOUNGSTER who survived a life-threatening infection between his brain and skull with the help of Queen Alexandra Hospital is on the road to recovery.

The family of Lewis Smith, 14, is speaking out about his terrifying experience as part of Brain Awareness Week, which runs until Sunday.

Lewis, from Droxford, began to feel unwell during a family holiday to Cornwall in July 2013.

His forehead was swollen and he began to suffer agonising headaches – something which doctors at Plymouth hospital put down to concussion.

But his mum Nicki was convinced it was something more serious, and a scan at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth painted a different picture.

Nicki, 45, said: ‘I kept on being told it was concussion, but I knew deep down there was something more going on.

‘The staff at QA were fantastic and gave him antibiotics through a drip before ordering a scan the next day.

‘When we had the scan we found out it was a really serious infection and he was rushed to Southampton General Hospital.

‘It was really touch and go. If it hadn’t been for that scan, he might not be here today.’

Lewis now has a titanium plate in his head.

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs QA, has given tips on how to keep your brain healthy.

This includes eating well and drinking water, exercising and learning new skills.