Breast cancer checks offered on Africa trip

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A RADIOGRAPHER has screened more than 800 women for breast cancer on a charity trip to Africa.

Jacqui Dorney, centre manager at Cancer Partners UK’s South Downs Centre in Havant, joined Cancel Cancer Africa on a visit to the Busia County region on the Kenya/Uganda border.

The charity works with local doctors and volunteering nurses and ran roadshows educating women and men about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, as well as providing details about how to perform self-examinations.

Of the women screened, 23 were diagnosed with breast cancer and referred for treatment.

Jacqui’s trip was funded by her employer, Cancer Partners UK, and took her to hospitals and medical centres which were a far cry from conditions in Hampshire.

She said: ‘It was devastating to see the poverty, and 
know that ignorance is costing lives.

‘Having said that, it was encouraging to see that trips like ours are starting to make a breakthrough.’

She added: ‘I’ll be finding out how our 23 ladies get on with their treatment, and am definitely keen to keep in touch with the charity and do more to help African women fight breast cancer.’