Breathe a sigh of thanks to readers who donate

GRATEFUL Eric Compton
GRATEFUL Eric Compton

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THE chairman of a breathing support group has thanked two people who have stepped forward to pledge money.

As reported, the Portsmouth branch of Breathe Easy, which is run by the British Lung Foundation, runs its sessions at the Paulsgrove Community Centre, in Marsden Road.

Every Thursday people with breathing conditions such chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder meet to take part in exercises to help them stay active.

Members are referred to the group by a medical professional.

The group also runs a support session to meet and talk to others suffering from similar conditions at the Buckland Centre, in Malins Road, Buckland.

But around £300 is needed annually to fund this.

Chairman Eric Compton said: ‘We’ve had two women contact us who would like to donate money.

‘It’s absolutely fantastic to get one, but to get two is brilliant.’

The next support talk meeting takes place on Monday, January 28, from 1pm. A guest speaker from Portsmouth City Council’s Keep Warm and Carry On team will give advice.

Advice will be given on how to keep fuel bills down.

For more information call (023) 9232 7840.