Buggy power to make mums feel on top of the world

WORKOUT FOR MUMS Buggy Blast Bootcamp runs in locations across Fareham
WORKOUT FOR MUMS Buggy Blast Bootcamp runs in locations across Fareham
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Hello mummies, my name is Danielle.

I am a qualified fitness instructor (aged 33) and a mum to my eight-month-old daughter Eve.

I’ve had experience in sport since I was 24. I have competed in triathlons and competed in a bodybuilding show in the Miss Trained Figure category.

Doing this has taught me how the body works with nutrition and workouts.

I trained throughout my whole pregnancy and ate a balanced diet every day.

Six months after giving birth I was back to my normal weight again and all because of sensible eating and regular exercise.

Buggy Blast boot camp was something I wanted to take on as I believe that exercise can really help mums gain their confidence again and also beat post-natal depression.

It balances your hormones, making you feel like you’re on top of the world and giving you more energy to interact with your little one.

Because, lets face it, sometimes being with a baby all day indoors and getting no exercise makes you feel miserable and lethargic.

Ladies, you don’t have to feel like this anymore! I would love to help out.

My sessions involve a 45-minute workout to tone up, where we do various upper and lower body workouts and abs, strengthening the core and pelvic floor.

It’s a fun environment and motivating as other mums are there too with different fitness levels, so we are all in the same boat!

And the bonus part of it? You get to bring your baby or your toddler with you.

Lots of mums confide in me if they need to have a one- to-one chat about anything that’s on their mind.

I don’t like to be classed as an ‘instructor’ but someone they can talk to and that’s what I also love about this job.

So to all the ladies who have young children or babies, drop me a message if you are itching to get out the house and get fit again. I am happy to help!

Let’s give it some buggy power.

For more information on sessions go to buggyblastbootcamp.co.uk or search buggyblastbootcamp on Facebook. My mobile is 07590 978484.

Current sessions:

Monday: 10am at Knowle Village Community Centre

Tuesday: 11am at Merryfield Children Centre, Fareham

Wednesday: 9.30am at Knowle Village Community Centre

Thursday: 10am at Portchester Castle, Portchester