Building work begins at Naomi House hospice

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THE keys to a children’s hospice were handed over to builders who can now start work on a £4m transformation.

Today work begins to renovate Naomi House in Sutton Scotney, near Winchester.

Kevin Hayter, Alastair Stewart and Reside workers. ''Picture: Gemma McParland

Kevin Hayter, Alastair Stewart and Reside workers. ''Picture: Gemma McParland

The hospice helps children with life-threatening conditions and their families, from the Portsmouth area.

The Wessex Children’s Hospice Trust, which runs the site, launched The Caterpillar Appeal to raise more than £4m for the revamp.

The appeal’s patron is newsreader Alastair Stewart, who yesterday was at the hospice to hand over the key to builders Reside Construction.

Mr Stewart said: ‘We are doing a fundamental refurbishment of the facilities we have here for young people.

‘We don’t dance around on the head of a pin here, this is a place where profoundly and terminally-ill children come to die.

‘We can’t do anything about that, but what we try to do is create loving, supporting and wonderful facilities for those young folk to go through those final moments.

‘So we are doing over the old place and the budget is more than £4m.

‘We have raised just over £2m, so if you can do anything at all then it would help.’

As reported, the money will be for changes such as making bedrooms bigger.