Calls for toddlers to get nasal flu vaccinations

Picture: Malcolm Wells

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DOCTORS are urging parents of children aged two to three to get their flu vaccination.

Young children can be vaccinated against the virus using a nasal vaccination which is free on the NHS.

The child-friendly nasal spray provides a quick, painless squirt into each nostril, available from a GP practice.

Children of all ages with a health condition that puts them at greater risk of flu are also eligible for the flu vaccine.

Dr Liz Mearns, medical director from NHS England’s regional office, said: ‘It’s important we protect young children from the flu virus and get them vaccinated now.

‘The flu virus continues to spread in the community, and having your child vaccinated provides them with the best form of protection.

‘Children can become very poorly if they catch flu. The spray contains viruses that have been weakened to prevent them from causing flu but will help build up immunity.’

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