Campaigning mum to meet shadow health secretary

MISSED Christine Lord and son Andrew Black
MISSED Christine Lord and son Andrew Black
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THE mother of Andrew Black, who died after contracting the human strain of mad cow disease, will be meeting the shadow health secretary asking him to back a test.

Mr Black, 24, died in 2007 from variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD).

Since then his mother Christine Lord, of Wilton Terrace, Southsea, has been campaigning for a criminal investigation to be launched.

She will be joining other relatives of people, who died from vCJD shadow, when they meet shadow health secretary Andy Burnham.

They will be asking him to back a test which could stop vCJD being spread by contaminated blood and surgical equipment.

Miss Lord said: ‘He’s asked to see us because he’s very concerned about bloody-safety issues and also what we as campaigners, the mums and dads that lost loved ones, have to say and our concerns about the fact a whole nation has been contaminated and exposed to BSE.’