Cancer campaign urges people to see GP to rule out disease

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PERSISTENT heartburn along with other symptoms could be a sign of stomach or oesophageal cancer.

This year’s Be Clear on Cancer campaign is focusing on how to spot the signs of oesophageal or stomach cancer – the fifth most common cancers in England.

Symptoms can include indigestion for three weeks or more, feeling food sticking in your throat,losing weight for no obvious reason, trapped wind and frequent burping, feeling full quickly when eating; nausea or vomiting, pain or discomfort in the top of your stomach.

Dr Tim Wilkinson, of the Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group, said: ‘Indigestion or heartburn are common symptoms and the majority of patients will not have cancer.

‘But the earlier we look at a problem, the better and it follows that the earlier that cancers are diagnosed, the more likely the treatment is to be successful.’