Cancer patient unhappy Gosport surgery won’t provide home visit

  • Sharon Kelly, from Gosport, is unhappy with Forton Medical Centre after they refused to pay her a home visit
  • She is house bound and suffering from cancer and epilepsy which means she cannot walk more than a few feet
  • Her GP is located just 75 metres from her front door
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CANCER patient Sharon Kelly is furious with her local surgery as doctors are refusing to visit her home to give her vital medication – despite only living 75m away.

The 51-year-old needs monthly injections to help with her range of health issues but cannot walk to her doctors’ surgery Forton Medical Centre in Gosport.

Sharon Kelly from Gosport''''Picture: Sarah Standing (150881-8696)

Sharon Kelly from Gosport''''Picture: Sarah Standing (150881-8696)

And when she requested a home visit, doctors refused telling her she doesn’t fit surgery guidelines.

She said: ‘I was diagnosed with breast and knee cancer in January and I have epilepsy.

‘I’ve been told I cannot leave the house by the oncology department at Queen Alexandra Hospital because if I have a seizure and fall over, I could end up in a wheelchair.

‘I need monthly injections of calcium to make my bones stronger but I cannot walk to the surgery to get them.

Sharon Kelly

‘I’ve asked for a home visit but been told I can’t have one. It’s a disgrace that they have refused more than once.

‘They aren’t doing enough to help me and I feel let down by the service.’

She added: ‘I want to be able to go outside and do shopping and visit the doctor myself but I am too scared in case I have a fit.’

Ms Kelly gets her meals delivered to her and has visits from carers four times a day to help get her ready and clean her house. She needs a doctor or nurse to give her the injection.

She said: ‘The injection is vital to me because I need strong bones in case I have a fit.

‘I have missed three so far and it simply isn’t good enough.

‘I can’t walk more than a few feet but the doctor would take less than 30 seconds to see me because I live so close.’

A spokeswoman from Healthwatch England, which represents patients in health and care, said it was awful the surgery was not providing home visits.

‘It must be an awful situation and very frustrating for the patient, especially with the surgery so close to her home,’ she said.

‘GPs are under a lot of pressure and home visits do take time so you can understand when there is difficulty on making a home visit.

‘But if she is incapable of going to the surgery herself, regardless of distance, she should be seen to.

Response from Forton Medical Centre

A SURGERY has explained their procedure for home visits saying one can be set up if a patient needs long-term support.

A spokesman from Forton Medical Centre, in Gosport, said: ‘Decisions about home visits are always made by a doctor in the first instance, based upon everything that they know about the patient’s circumstances – if it is thought that a patient truly needs a visit, then they will receive one.

‘For patients where it is clear that they will need long-term support, the district nursing team may visit the patient in their own home to assess what support they will need in the future.

‘First and foremost this is a conversation to take place between the patient, and the doctors at our practice.

‘If someone is unhappy about decisions being made regarding their care I would always urge them to talk to us directly so that we can make absolutely sure they are getting the care they need.’