Care home: We had to shut as we weren’t sent new residents

The Angelus care home
The Angelus care home
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THE manager of a nursing home that closed after receiving a damning inspection report said it was forced to shut after getting no new referrals.

A random inspection in December by the Care Quality Commission at the Angelus Nursing Home, in Merton Road, Southsea, found problems including residents not getting proper food or drink, charts not being updated and action not always being taken when people lost weight.

The CQC said it had been aware about problems there since September 2013.

Following an inspection in May last year two warnings were given, but by July another inspection found there had been no improvements.

Cherry Garden Properties Limited, which owns the care home, decided to close it after another inspection in December, but before the report came out earlier this month.

Naila Nanji, group manager for the care home company, said a lack of client referrals from Portsmouth City Council meant the company was forced to close the home permanently.

She said: ‘We were working with the city council on making sure that all the improvements were made and working closely with the safeguarding team.

‘But we were disappointed that the council was not allowing new residents and this is why we had to close.

‘We got no new referrals from the city council, even after we were working closely with them.

‘We won’t be opening the home again.’

After the site, which cared for elderly, disabled people and those with dementia, closed the council rehoused the 12 residents that were living there.

Andy Biddle, service manager for adult social care for the council, said: ‘We had concerns with Angelus Nursing Home being able to cope with any more people than it already had and stopped referring new people in May 2014.

‘We were working with the home to ensure the people already there were being properly cared for and help it improve so it could take new people.

‘This involved close liaison and regular visits and continued until the home notified us it was closing.’

The CQC said as the home is now closed it will not carry out any action against the company.

As reported last Saturday, Claire Shelsher has raised fears over her grandmother Betty’s death.

Mrs Shelsher was a resident of Angelus and Claire said she had lost a lot of weight by the time she died.

Staff had told the family that this was down to Mrs Shelsher’s dementia but now they want answers after reading the critical CQC report.