Chamberlain says safety is uncertain at Euro 2012

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FORMER Pompey player Mark Chamberlain has indicated his family could still travel to watch his son Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain play at Euro 2012, despite fears of racial abuse.

Chamberlain, also a former England international confirmed his family had for the moment shelved plans to see their 18-year-old son play in Ukraine and Poland due to concerns over their safety.

England winger Theo Walcott’s family have already indicated they will not travel this summer for fear of the racism they may encounter.

While Chamberlain admitted he would put his family’s safety first, he revealed they could yet fly out should England progress to the latter stages.

‘It could change at any time,’ he said.

‘At this moment in time there are concerns. If England do well and as the tournament goes on and if Alex is involved more than I think he may be then a decision will be made at that time.

‘It’s very disappointing, but your safety’s more important than a game of football.’