Charity sends out call to the city to recruit cancer ambassadors

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‘AMBASSADORS’ are needed in Portsmouth to raise the awareness of the work of a cancer charity.

Breast Cancer UK, a national charity focused on breast cancer prevention, is starting a recruitment drive for representatives to go into the community and talk about the organisation’s work.

The charity says that between 2011 and 2013, breast cancer was the seventh most frequent cause of death in Portsmouth women and that the number of early deaths from cancer in the city is generally higher than the average for England.

Breast Cancer UK’s ambassadors are focused on prevention and go out into their local communities to make people more aware of the risk factors for breast cancer and share simple ways to lead a healthier life.

‘The long-term aim of the ambassador programme is simply to try and reduce the incidence of breast cancer,’ said Lynn Ladbrook, CEO of Breast Cancer UK.

‘We believe prevention is better than cure. Our ambassadors will go out into their local communities and talk about risk factors for breast cancer and what we can all do to help reduce our risk.’

The person chosen may well have their own story to tell about breast cancer, either their own personal experience or that of a family member or close friend. There is no need to be medically trained.

Anyone wishing to apply as a Breast Cancer UK ambassador can register their interest at