Cheeky Harry asks pop star Olly Murs about ripping trousers

HE'S A STAR Harry Holden with pop star Olly Murs
HE'S A STAR Harry Holden with pop star Olly Murs

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IT’S not the sort of question pop stars are usually asked.

But eight-year-old Harry Holden is an exceptional young man and couldn’t wait to get an answer from singer Olly Murs.

The Riverside School pupil, who is autistic and has complex health issues, was invited to a private question and answer session with the Heart Skips a Beat singer in the splendour of the Royal Albert Hall in London.

It was organised by Rays of Sunshine, a charity which puts together special events for children with serious illnesses.

Harry’s mum Sara couldn’t believe her ears when it was Harry’s turn to ask a question.

She said: ‘Harry turned round and said, “How many times have you ripped your trousers?”.’

‘But Olly was brilliant about it. He was smashing with the children.

‘He replied, “A few times and once in Stuttgart I even finished the gig with my trousers completely ripped!”.’

‘It was a fantastic day. Harry absolutely loves Olly and we have to listen to his songs every time we’re in the car. His favourite song is Army of Two.

‘Olly was lovely with all of us. We were in a small group and there was no publicity or anything surrounding it. He just did it out of the goodness of his heart.

‘And he absolutely loved my mum Audrey!

‘We were all made to feel like VIPs. It was fabulous.’

Harry, from Lockerley Road, West Leigh, spent the afternoon with Olly along with other children, and his sister Emily, 14, mum Sara, 44, and grandmother Audrey Gover.

They were picked up from the station in a limousine.

It was a dream come true for Harry who comes out of his shell when he is singing and dancing along to the songs by the pop star.

He said: ‘I loved meeting Olly. He was so lovely and gave me a goodie bag.’

Harry has been in and out of hospital since he was born and his mum thought he deserved a real treat.

She said: ‘Harry is lovely, He is so placid and playful.

‘But he does go through a lot. That’s why we decided to contact Ray of Sunshine.’

The charity was set up in 2003 to give amazing experiences to youngsters between three and 18.

Anyone who would like to help or would like a wish granted should go to