Children ring 999 to save mum’s life

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LIFESAVERS Sophia and Robbie Underwood knew just what to do when their mum banged her head after suffering a seizure.

Sophia, eight, and Robbie, nine, had been at their home in Kilmiston Road, Buckland, after finishing school.

LIFESAVERS  Miranda Baldry with son Robbie Underwood and his sister Sophie. Picture: Malcolm Wells (131729-7336)

LIFESAVERS Miranda Baldry with son Robbie Underwood and his sister Sophie. Picture: Malcolm Wells (131729-7336)

Their mum Miranda Baldry suffers from epilepsy, which means she is prone to seizures.

Earlier this month, Miranda, 31, had a fit, and as she fell hit her head off a table – knocking her unconscious.

Her cool-headed children knew just what to do as they called 999 and then their father, Les Underwood.

Robbie made the vital 999 call.

He said: ‘My mum had a fit, and I called 999 to tell them what happened.

‘My mum was lying on the floor and she had hit her head.

‘I called 999 and told them my name and what happened.

‘They carried on speaking to me until the ambulance arrived.

‘I was a bit scared.’

Mr Underwood, 32, had been visiting a relative in hospital at the time of the incident.

He said: ‘I had been visiting someone in hospital, and Miranda decided to stay at home.

‘I always remind the children what to do, in case mum doesn’t feel well and has a seizure.

‘Unfortunately she did, and she also hit her head on a table.

‘But the children were really good and called 999 first and told them what had happened.’

Miranda was diagnosed with the condition when she was 17.

She said: ‘The children were incredibly brave, and they saved my life.

‘They must’ve been so scared, seeing mummy have a fit. But they did everything they could, and I’m so proud of them.’

Emergency call taker Richard Pester thinks Miranda was lucky to have Robbie there.

He said: ‘Talking to the young man, he was understandably upset at the beginning of the call. But he was calm and answered the questions all fantastically – he did amazingly well.’

Miranda was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital, in Cosham, where she was checked over and kept in for a few hours.

Charlie Bell, an epilepsy nurse specialist at QA, said: ‘QA sees around three people every day come in to the emergency department following epileptic seizures.

‘Anyone having a first suspected seizure should be brought to hospital.’