Children’s hospices may get more cash

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THE government is looking to provide extra funding for children’s hospices following a meeting with the chairman of Hampshire-based Naomi House.

Professor Khalid Aziz, chairman of Naomi House children’s hospice, met Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday.

The charity says it gets 10 per cent of government funding, compared to 38 per cent for adult hospices.

And at the historic meeting in the House of Commons, Mr Cameron said he will write to the Healthcare Commission to see if more funding can be given.

During the meeting, Mr Cameron said: ‘I will write to the Healthcare Commission and they suggest they take up this model immediately. I see no reason to wait.’

Prof Aziz said: ‘Naturally I’m delighted with the outcome of this meeting, we can’t have asked for more.

‘Additionally, the Prime Minister expressed this gratitude to the hard-working staff and volunteers who work in hospices such as Naomi House and Jacksplace.’