Children told to stay safe by ambulance service

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CHILDREN are being advised to stay safe during the summer and avoid a trip to hospital.

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust is reminding children to be aware of dangers, such as:

- Playing near to roads with footballs.

- Crossing busy roads.

- Playing on building sites.

- Playing near to electrical lines and pylons.

- Crossing railway tracks.

- Walking or cycling while on the phone or with headphones in.

- Jumping off bridges and getting into trouble in water or mud.

Tony Heselton, paramedic and safeguarding lead, said: ‘We want children and young people to have fun in the summer holidays but it’s really important to always put safety first when out and about so that the chances of any accidents or injuries are reduced.

‘We often attend incidents where young people have jumped off bridges and not thought about the hidden hazards at ground level like becoming stuck in mud or water being shallower or deeper than expected.’