Compulsory redundancy list to be drawn up at QA


Residents in south east ‘in hibernation’

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HOSPITAL staff will find out if they are to lose their jobs in the next few weeks.

As reported, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, is to make up to 99 redundancies – 26 of which will be voluntary.

The trust is now launching a compulsory redundancy programme to find the remaining 73 posts, but says some positions may be found through vacant positions which can be deleted.

The trust says it cannot yet say which posts are at risk but QA staff representative Pat Darvill is confident front-line staff will be safe.

She said: ‘I am positive front-line staff will be protected. It won’t be nurses and doctors going and the trust has assured us that all posts will be risk assessed.

‘Even with voluntary redundancies, they refused some applications because they knew they couldn’t let the post go.’

She added: ‘Obviously no-one’s happy about this but people have been expecting compulsory redundancies on the back of voluntary.

‘People know the trust isn’t doing this because it wants to, but because it’s necessary because of the way things are in the NHS at the moment. We know the trust has had a hard job trying to pinpoint roles it can do without as well.’

Meanwhile trust chief executive Ursula Ward has alerted all staff that work will start on drawing up a list of positions at risk. In a statement to staff she said: ‘We recognise these are difficult and uncomfortable circumstances for those affected and their colleagues. This decision has not been taken lightly.’

The trust said it will continue to work closely with trade unions and staff reps throughout the redundancy programme.