Consultation on future of centre is delayed

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THE start of a 12-week consultation to see if the Guildhall Walk walk-in medical centre should close has been delayed.

The Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group, which pays for the service, is looking at making a change as the contract is up for renewal in March next year.

The centre has a walk-in section and also a GP practice, which has about 6,000 patients registered.

There are four options in the survey.

One option in the consultation is for the services to remain as they are.

The other three options involve the walk-in centre moving to St Mary’s Treatment Centre in Milton Road, and the GP services moving.

Those three choices for the GP practice would be for it to stay where it is, move to another location, or it close entirely and make its patients register elsewhere.

A 12-week consultation was due to start in the middle of October, but as yet no further information has been given.

It is thought the consultation is likely to launch in early November instead.