Council moves to reassure users of support centre

Fareham care home makes changes to see improvement to CQC rating

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PORTSMOUTH City Council has moved to reassure users of a Alzheimer’s care centre after concerns were raised over its management.

Services at the Patey Day Centre at Edinburgh House in Sundridge Close, Cosham, were transferred from the Alzheimer’s Society to Care UK at the beginning of November.

The authority held meetings with service users before Care UK took over to ensure a smooth transition.

The Alzheimer’s Society had offered services at the centre for 21 years.

But the move left service some users and their carers worried over changes.

Maureen Levesque, whose husband Mick attends the centre, wrote an email to the council claiming the new centre manager had yet to pay a visit, adding service users expected ‘more support’ from Care UK.

Mrs Levesque said: ‘My gripe was I expected a manager to be up there. It was affecting a lot of people.

‘If they left the staff to their own devises, it’s good in one sense but they need to see how it’s done. You can’t tell with Mick how he’s feeling. I’ve told him it’s the same group and it’s not going to affect him. I hope they are changing for the better. We have to get a happy medium and I will wait and see what happens.’

Under council policy, contracts are renewed every five years to ensure services provided are value for money.

Head of adult social care at the council, Rob Watt, said: ‘We understand that any change to a service like the Patey Centre can feel unsettling and we appreciate some relatives are uncomfortable about the move to a new provider. That’s why we made sure the service provided would remain the same initially and those who use the centre continue to see the staff they are familiar with.

‘We’ve listened to the concerns raised by some relatives around the management of the centre but have no issues with the arrangements that Care UK have put in place since taking over.

‘Over the coming months, Care UK will work with users of the centre to make sure it meets their needs and will be looking at options to improve the service, which may extend opening hours.’