Couple’s sight saved after having lens implants

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A FORMER navy clearance driver and his partner have had lens implant surgery.

Roy New, 59, a retired Royal Navy engineer and partner Kathy Newton, 51, a womenswear manager at John Lewis underwent LEH trifocal lens treatment.

Dad-of-two Roy, of Portsmouth, races motorbikes and his vision started deteriorating at 45.

He tried contact lenses and reading glasses but was not happy with them.

He has now had surgery at the London Eye Hospital, along with his partner Kathy.

Roy said: ‘I had never worn glasses until I started having to wear reading glasses at the age of 45.

‘I eventually had to wear varifocals all the time as my vision deteriorated but when I rode my bike the glasses would vibrate against my face and distort my vision.

‘I tried disposable contact lenses which were great, but I still had to carry both reading and distance glasses with me.

‘I researched the procedure thoroughly for about three years before I decided to have surgery.’

Kathy added: ‘I didn’t wear glasses until I was 44, first reading glasses then varifocals, which I absolutely hated.

‘I hated the fact that I had to wear something external on my face to operate as a human.’

Surgeon Bobby Qureshi added: ‘The results will last for a lifetime, giving them freedom from glasses without the glare problems associated with other implants. We are absolutely delighted.’