Criticism for plans to stop childhood obesity

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CALLS are being made for the government to take more robust action to tackle childhood obesity.

The Health Committee has released a report saying the government is missing important opportunities to ensure children lead healthy lives.

As previously reported in The News figures from Public Health England show one in 10 of reception-age children in Portsmouth are classed as overweight.

This increases to one in five by the time children are leaving primary school.

The government’s plan to tackle childhood obesity was published in August last year and although the Health Committee welcomes the measures on the sugary drinks levy, they are disappointed that several key areas for action have not been included.

Chairwoman of the committee, Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, said: ‘We are extremely disappointed the government has rejected a number of our recommendations.

‘These omissions mean that the current plan misses important opportunities to tackle childhood obesity.

‘Vague statements about seeing how the current plan turns out are inadequate to the seriousness and urgency of this major public health challenge.’