Darin finishes 10-mile challenge after losing five stone

Darin McCloud in training for the Great South Run
Darin McCloud in training for the Great South Run

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IT WAS something Darin McCloud once thought he would never be able to achieve.

But on Sunday he crossed the line to complete the 10-mile Great South Run.

The 46-year-old has turned his life around after he hit the headlines by vowing to put on weight to qualify for a gastric band operation.

He had a change of heart and decided to ditch the idea and lose weight through healthy eating and exercise.

The hard work paid off as he completed the race in just over two hours.

Darin, of Stanley Road, Stamshaw, said: ‘Not only did I do the race, but I did it wonderfully. I finished the run in 2hrs 9mins 10secs and that was the absolute peak of my performance.

‘It was so emotional – I was elated and all I have done in the previous 10 months caught up with me.

‘The enormity of what I have achieved in such a short period has finally hit home.

‘I was crying at the finish line. I run with a guy called Trevor Silvester and at the end I hugged him and just burst into tears. It will stay in my memory for the rest of my life.’

Darin, who works as a traffic warden, was sponsored for his run and has so far raised £683 for his chosen charity Diabetes UK.

In January this year he weighed 19st 10lb.

But through the help of a Slimpod he started to lose weight.

The device features 10-minute recordings which its makers, Thinking Slimmer, claim can ‘retune’ attitudes towards food.

Since then Darin has lost more than five stone and has discovered a love for running. He now plans to take on the Brighton half-marathon in February and hopes to get a place in the 2013 London Marathon. To sponsor Darin go to justgiving.com/darin-mccloud.