Darin steps his training up a gear

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WITH just over a week left until his first half marathon, Darin McCloud has stepped up his training programme.

The 46-year-old will be taking part in the Brighton Half Marathon on February 19.

But Darin, of Stanley Road, Stamshaw, said the run has now become part of his training for the London Marathon.

He said: ‘Training has been going really well.

‘I’ve come up with a plan now. Before I would go out for a run when I wanted to because I enjoyed it.

‘But with the London Marathon coming up in April I’ve drawn up a running plan.

‘I’ve gone from doing 20 to 25 miles a week to 40 miles.

‘I’m looking forward to Brighton, but now it’s feeling like another chance to train.’

Traffic warden Darin has turned his life around by losing more than six stone in a year.

He had originally been piling on the pounds to qualify for weight-loss surgery.

But he saw the error of his ways and instead embarked upon eating better and exercising more to shed the pounds.

Darin will be running for charity Look.

To sponsor him visit just giving.com/darin-mccloud1.