Despite report into ‘toxic’ behaviour at QA Hospital, we’re all still on their side | News Comment

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QUEEN Alexandra Hospital has had a difficult couple of years of late – there have been unfavourable reports from the Care Quality Commission, regular logjams in A&E, the collapse of its main PFI contractor Carillion and sadly recurring cash problems. 

However, while The News – as any local news organisation worth its salt must do – has covered the low times, we are well aware that we and our readers should not forget that the majority of people who pass through the hospital enjoy excellent care, for which they are very grateful. 

Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham

Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham

We launched the We Love QA campaign a year ago to highlight this fact, and have since featured dozens of stories of people who want to share how QA has changed – and in many cases saved – their life.

Indeed, it was only yesterday that the front page of three out of four editions carried the story of 75-year-old Melvin Louch, who was so grateful to doctors at QA who brought him back from the brink after two heart attacks, a stroke and kidney failure that he has started volunteering at the hospital, as his own way of saying thank you.

It’s not a contradiction that today we report the bullying that has been uncovered by researchers.

We, like everyone in this city, want to have the best possible hospital for ourselves, our friends and our family. We know from experience that much of the care given at QA is superlative.

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But, as has oft been said, sunlight is the best disinfectant. Transparency is to be commended, and we hope that the worrying findings we report today are soon eradicated.