Doctor asks to be removed from register

Dr Jane Barton
Dr Jane Barton
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THE doctor at the centre of an inquiry into patients’ deaths at Gosport War Memorial Hospital has asked to be removed from the medical register.

Dr Jane Barton has applied to the General Medical Council (GMC) to have her name removed from the register, which would mean she would no longer be able to practise as a GP in the UK.

It comes after a GMC hearing last year found she prescribed ‘excessive’ drugs to elderly patients but decided not to remove her from the register and instead placed conditions on her licence. Relatives of patients who died at the hospital under Dr Barton’s care have since been asked to give their views on her asking to be removed from the register.

But families are confused about why the GP, who last year retired from Forton Medical Centre in Gosport, has chosen to make the request now.

Iain Wilson, whose 74-year-old father Robert died at the hospital in 1998, said: ‘It’s very strange – why has she done this out of the blue? Why couldn’t she have done it before?

‘Of course I’m pleased that she’s doing this, she’s doing what the GMC should have done a long time ago.

‘I’m concerned as to her reasons though.’

Gillian MacKenzie, whose 91-year-old mother Gladys Richards died at the hospital in 1998, said: ‘Of course they should remove her. She probably hopes this will earn her some brownie points.’

The GMC has to decide whether or not Dr Barton should be removed from the register – which doctors have to pay hundreds of pounds to be on.

But Mr Wilson said: ‘What concerns me is that it would only mean she can’t practise in the UK, but she would be free to practise in other countries.

‘Maybe that’s her plan, to go elsewhere.’