Doctors prepare Ashya King for proton beam therapy

Ashya King, five, arrives for pre-cancer treatment examinations at the Motol hospital in Prague
Ashya King, five, arrives for pre-cancer treatment examinations at the Motol hospital in Prague
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Ashya King is undergoing his first tests at a clinic in Prague as doctors prepare him for proton treatment.

The five-year-old brain tumour patient from Southsea has now been admitted to the Proton Therapy Centre (PTC) in the Czech capital.

A spokeswoman for the hospital said: ‘He will be undergoing the first MRI examination and a special mask will be prepared for his head.

‘This will be used for fixing him in the same position during the treatment every day.

‘He will be put asleep before that and he will wake up after noon.’

Ashya finally arrived in the Czech Republic on Monday after a protracted legal battle over his care that saw his parents arrested in Spain and separated from him for several days.

Brett and Naghmeh King triggered an international pursuit when they removed Ashya from Southampton General Hospital on Thursday, August 28.

They were desperate for him to be given the therapy, which was not available to them on the NHS.

Speaking after arriving in Prague, Mr King told Sky News they were ‘just so happy to be here’.

He said: ‘This is what we wanted from the beginning. Things went from bad to worse at one stage.

‘We just want the best for Ashya. He’s got to get through this, he’s got to get better.’

Ashya will undergo tests ahead of the possible proton treatment next week, according to reports.

It is expected to last for around five weeks, with the young boy staying at Motol hospital and travelling to PTC each day.

In a statement, the Proton Therapy Centre said: ‘If all goes well and the physicists will be able to prepare Ashya’s irradiation plan in four days already instead of standard 10 days, he will start the first irradiation on Monday

‘His plan takes 30 irradiation visits and is combined with chemotherapy.

‘The chemotherapy will be applied by specialised oncologists at Motol University Hospital, where Ashya is hospitalised with his mother.’

As reported, the Kings’ plight to get Ashya the treatment they wanted for him has been well-documented in the media across the globe since they left Southampton General Hospital almost two weeks ago.

An order applied for by Portsmouth City Council making him a ward of court has been lifted so his parents can choose where he is treated.