‘Don’t move the surgeons who saved my foot’

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HAYLEY Jobber is just one of many patients who does not want to see vascular surgeons moved from Queen Alexandra Hospital.

The 31-year-old needed, and still needs care, from the expert surgeons that regional health bosses are considering transferring from QA to Southampton General Hospital.

Almost two years ago Hayley was at risk of losing of her feet as her diabetes had caused poor circulation and severe nerve damage.

But thanks to vascular surgeons at QA, who repaired the blood vessels, her foot was saved.

Now Hayley, who still has after care from the vascular team, is backing our Keep it at QA campaign to ensure these vital surgeons remain at the city’s hospital.

‘It was thanks to the vascular surgeons that I didn’t lose my foot,’ said Hayley of Mayfield Avenue, Havant.

‘I had had problems with my foot because of my diabetes for a while but then an ulcer formed and I had to go to hospital and they said that if it wasn’t operated on quickly, I would lose the foot. It was really scary.

‘But I had the surgery and my foot was saved and now I go to QA regularly for check ups with the vascular surgeon. They’re amazing there.’

Hayley also has to have dialysis at QA because her diabetes caused kidney failure.

Vascular surgeons have been involved in this area of her care as well, as they have helped enlarge her blood vessels so she can receive the dialysis.

She said: ‘I’ve had a lot of experience of vascular surgeons at QA and still need them for my care.

‘There’s no way I could go to Southampton instead. I’m in a wheelchair and it would be too difficult to get there.

‘I just don’t understand why they’re even thinking of moving the surgeons. Why make QA a superhospital and then transfer services elsewhere? It’s ridiculous.’

NHS South Central, which is reviewing vascular services in the area, says no decisions have yet been made but it will launch a consultation in the summer.

In preparation for this we are asking people to write in to us with their comments, which we will then forward on to regional health bosses.

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