Doodles up for auction

Katy Sexton's doodle
Katy Sexton's doodle

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An idle doodle can achieve more than you might think, with one charity hoping they will sell for thousands of pounds.

Celebrities across the country will sell their doodles for Epilepsy Action, a charity supporting people with the condition in the south east.

Kim Woodburne's doodle

Kim Woodburne's doodle

Widley-born sibling duo Sean and Sarah Smith of The X Factor’s Same Difference, along with two Portsmouth-based stars, swimmer Katy Sexton and dirt-busting Kim Woodburn from How Clean is Your House? have offered their scrawls for the charity.

The charity has tasked more than 1,000 celebrities over the years to give doodling a go in aid of their work supporting 65,000 people suffering from the disorder in the south east. The original artworks, which we first showed you last year, will be auctioned on eBay on Friday, February 8, which is National Doodle Day.

The site will host the auction until Sunday, February 17, with all proceeds going to Epilepsy Action.

But that does not mean other people cannot join in the fun.

The charity is inviting people to draw their own and donate a pound to the charity, with the chance of winning a prize.

The judges will place the samples into three categories: seven-year-olds and under, eight to 16 years, and 17 years and over.

Top artists will win £150 worth of arts and crafts vouchers and a 3D figurine, custom-made by Scottish artist Lucy Moose to look like their submission.

All entries should be on an A5 piece of card and include the doodler’s name, age, phone number and address on the rear, and must be sent in before Friday, March 8 with a donation of at least £1.

Philippa Cartwright, the fundraising events manager at Epilepsy Action, said: ‘National Doodle Day is a great way for celebrities and members of the public alike to get creative for a good cause.

‘It is a fantastic, fun event and absolutely anyone can take part.

‘Taking just five minutes out of your day to doodle can make all the difference to the 600,000 people living with epilepsy in the UK.’

If you want to get involved, you can order an organiser’s guide or enter the competition on


PATRIOTISM is a clear theme in this doodle from Portsmouth-born swimmer Katy Sexton.

She has represented Team GB in many competitions, including in the 2004 Athens Olympics and in multiple Commonwealth Games.

So it is no coincidence the drawing of first is at the top, possibly representing her own desire to win.

Graphologist Peter West found much to like when he analysed this doodle.

He said: ‘A tad restless, inwardly uncertain at times, imaginative and sensitive.

‘Relatively easy-going, intuitive and quite creative when she chooses.’


THE Same Difference double act Sarah and Sean Smith from Widley did not hold back with their doodle.

But the analysis of Sarah’s work from graphologist Peter West is less than forgiving.

He said: ‘This artist doesn’t pay enough attention to detail when the crunch comes. Pressures mount up easily although she can usually cope well.

‘She likes her own space.’

Speaking of Sean’s doodle, Mr West said: ‘Emotionally sensitive, doesn’t like to show his hand even to close collaborators.

‘Strongly ambitious nature but seems unable to clearly aim for what he wants.’

Both will now be aiming to sell the most at auction.


PORTSMOUTH-BORN clean freak Kim Woodburn chose a simple image of a flower to scrawl on her A5 card.

Famous for her role in How Clean is Your House? Kim is better known for her cleaning and shaming of dirty-living residents than her skills with a pen.

Graphologist Peter West revealed that her doodle and her on screen persona might not be that different, describing her as ‘prickly’.

He said: ‘This artist is something of a sentimentalist, rather feminine but a bit of a flirt when she feels moved to be so.

‘Ambitious and can be “prickly” at times.’