Drug-misuse conference in the city

Eric and Maureen Chivers from Emsworth. Eric is heaping praise on the NHS for the superb teatment he recieved when he was in hospital with a serious illness     'Picture: Ian Hargreaves

Gosport man who spent months in hospital says ‘I owe NHS staff my life’

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PORTSMOUTH is to host a conference to showcase ways in getting addicts off drugs.

The conference will look at drug users’ stories, the recovery initiatives in the area and the treatment services on offer.

The event will look at the effect of drug use on the community as a whole.

Dr Paul Edmondson-Jones, director of public health and wellbeing for Portsmouth, said: ‘Problem drug use by individuals can have wide-reaching effects, not just on the drug user, but on their family and the community.

‘That’s why engaging drug users in effective, recovery-orientated treatment is so important for them, their families and the community overall.

‘This conference will promote successful substance misuse recovery initiatives in the south east and the good practice that supports it.

‘There will be an opportunity to hear from a number of prominent speakers from across the country about working differently and adopting a more recovery orientated approach.’

David Williams, chief executive of Portsmouth City Council and Chair of the Safer Portsmouth Partnership, said: ‘I’d encourage anyone who has an interest in the delivery or commissioning of substance misuse services to attend this conference.

‘It will also be of interest to those working in services such as housing, mental health, employment and education.’

The conference will take place tomorrow at the Portsmouth Guildhall. For more information and to book a space call (023) 9268 8711 or email connect2recovery@gmail.com