Eleven ways to stay warm this winter

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HERE are some tips on how to stay warm and well this winter.

MORE people are likely to die between December and March as the cold weather sets in, causing energy bills to rise.

The NHS has put together 11 tips on how you can stay warm and healthy this winter:

- If you have reduced mobility, are aged 65 or over, or have a health condition such as heart or lung disease, you should heat your home to at least 18c. Keep your bedroom at this temperature all night if you can.

- Make sure you wear enough clothes to stay warm.

- If you’re under 65 years old and healthy and active, you can safely have your house cooler than 18c, if you’re comfortable.

- You can also use a hot water bottle or electric blanket (but not both at the same time) to keep warm while you’re in bed.

- Food is a vital source of energy, which helps keep your body warm. Try to make sure that you have hot meals and drinks regularly throughout the day and keep active in the home if you can.

- If possible, try not to sit still for more than an hour or so. Remember to speak to your GP before starting any exercise plan.

- Wrap up warm, inside and out. Wear lots of thin layers - clothes made from cotton, wool or fleecy fibres are particularly good and help to maintain body heat.

- Wear shoes with a good grip to prevent slips and falls when walking outside.

- If possible, stay inside during a cold period if you have heart or respiratory problems.

- Check on older neighbours or relatives to make sure they’re safe and well. Make sure they’re warm enough, especially at night, and have stocks of food and medicines so they don’t need to go out during very cold weather.

- Draw your curtains at dusk and keep your doors closed to block out draughts.