Ethan, four, is his mum’s little hero as he calls 999

Charity is praised for its efforts in the city

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WHEN his mum hit her head and became unconscious, young Ethan Riou kept his cool.

The four-year-old quickly called for an ambulance, while at the same time looking after his brother Finley, two.

Ethan Riou

Ethan Riou

Today, mum Laura-Anne Mills wants to thank Ethan – her little hero.

The 29-year-old said: ‘Two years ago I was in a car accident in which I dislocated both of my shoulders.

‘Since then I’ve lost most of the use of my arm because I damaged the nerves and the muscles so badly.

‘My left shoulder dislocates easily at any time.’

On the early hours of Tuesday morning this week, Laura woke up at around 4am to use the bathroom.

Laura, of Clover Court, in Jasmine Grove, Waterlooville, who has a black eye from her fall, said: ‘As I reached to the sink, my arm dislocated and I felt my cheek hit the sink. I fell, hit my head and knocked myself out.

‘I came around to my two-year-old son Finley crying “Mummy” and Ethan picking up my phone calling 999 for an ambulance.

‘He was amazing. He gave my name, address and postcode to the call operator.

‘He then continued to tell them about my shoulder and my head injury and stayed on the phone helping until the ambulance got our my address.

‘All this while making sure I and his little brother were also okay.’

While Ethan spoke to the call handler at South Central Ambulance Service, it became apparent he could not get downstairs because of child gates.

It meant the police were also called, and they had to break in through the back door to get into the home.

Laura lives alone with her two boys and has taught them how to call 999 in emergencies, and what details to give.

She said: ‘I always wondered whether if it came to it, would they remember what to say and do.

‘It’s one thing being told, and different when you’re faced with the situation.

‘He proved me very wrong and has made me so proud.

‘He is my little hero and saved me.

‘If he hadn’t been so brave and called 999 it could have been a lot worse for me and both of them.

‘The police officers and ambulance crew, and all the people at hospital said what amazing little boys I have.

‘I would urge parents to teach their children how to call 999.’

Laura was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital, in Cosham, where she was kept in for a few hours.

SOUTH Central Ambulance Service has praised the actions of four-year-old Ethan Riou.

Tony Peters, head of emergency operations centre south, said: ‘It’s really important children know when and how to call 999, as well as their address so they are able to call.

‘We all hope we never need to do this, however knowing these vital details can make a tremendous amount of difference.

‘Ethan was impressive and brave.

‘He was incredibly calm throughout the call, answering all the questions so we could organise help for his mum.’