Ex-Pompey stars back trips advice

From left, Barry Cook, Dave Reid, Ray Crawford and Jake Payne
From left, Barry Cook, Dave Reid, Ray Crawford and Jake Payne
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TUMBLING footballers are a common sight on the pitch but Pompey legends of the past have a word or two of advice about staying on two feet.

They have teamed up with Portsmouth’s £16m Better Care programme – which is linking health and social care services – to raise awareness of how serious falls can be for older people and how they can be prevented.

Former Pompey stars Ray Crawford and Barry Cook, along with son of former player Duggie Read, Dave, and Jake Payne, secretary of the ex-players’ association, have illustrated advice to prevent falls with pictures and top tips.

Mr Crawford said: ‘As you get older you can’t simply spring back from a trivial trip.

‘It can be very painful and mean it’s harder to look after yourself.

‘That’s why we wanted to get involved in helping raise awareness of the habits that can make a fall more likely – like not moving around enough or wearing old and worn slippers, and also the checks to make with professionals on your eyesight and medications to stay well.’

Jo York, head of Better Care, said: ‘Injuries from a fall and the blow to your confidence can trigger a decline in your health and independence.

‘The NHS, social care and voluntary and community sectors all have a role in supporting people to recover and avoid further complications and repeated falls.’

If you do fall over the advice is to let your GP know.

Dr Jim Hogan, head of the Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group, said: ‘If you do fall you should let your doctor know, especially if it happens more 
than once in year or you can’t remember how.

‘They can help you look at why you fell, and means the risk can be addressed.’