Falling over is not a normal part of ageing says NHS trust

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THE importance of staying active as you get older is being promoted by a health trust.

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust is running its Active Ageing and Falls Awareness month to promote ways for vulnerable and older people to stay healthy, fit and avoid falls.

The trust is working with Hampshire County Council to promote better balance and active ageing throughout the month of October.

Jill Phipps leads the trust’s specialist falls team.

She said: ‘With approximately 30 per cent of over 65s and 50 per cent of those aged 80 and over reporting falls every year, it’s important to make sure people have all the information they need to stay safe while keeping active. We also want people to be aware that falls are not a normal part of ageing, and if have a fall, to report it to your doctor.

‘Falls are avoidable and there are plenty of things people can do to help prevent them.

‘It’s really important people recognise maintaining an active lifestyle is an important part of preventing falls as it keeps you fit, maintains balance and helps concentration.’

If you would like to know more about how you can help prevent falls or would like to go one of the falls events being run by the trust then go online.

Visit the website southernhealth.nhs.uk/knowledge/falls/falls-awareness-2014/